Saturday, 1 January 2011


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Harajuku (原宿) is the common name for the area of Shibuya around Harajuku station, and is possibly the most famous area of Tokyo, thanks to its reputation for cutting-edge fashion, and Gwen Stefani's eerie living dolls, the Harajuku Girls.

photo from: Explore Blogs

The area is well-known for the hundreds of teenagers that converge on Jinju bridge on a Sunday to cosplay or show off the latest in street fashion, such as lolita, goth loli and visual kei. Harajuku's most well-known area is probably Takeshita Street, a bustling walkway full of the lastest teen must-haves, including fashion and kawaii and cafes and restaurants. 

However, there's more to Harajuku than teen fashion - just near the train station is the beautiful Meiji Jinju, a shinto shrine and adjoining gardens, which is a lovely way to while away a few hours - or even lose yourself for a full day. There's also a range of more upmarket shops on Omotesandō for the more discerning shopper - and once you're done there, you'll need the tranquility that the aforementioned shrine and gardens afford. 


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