Thursday, 6 January 2011


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Kabukichō has many faces. By day, it's an intriguing sprawl of restaurants, arcades, pachinko parlours and konbini, set within towering Shinjuku. But by night it really comes alive.

The amusements become populated by inebriated salarymen spilling out of izakaya, the streets are lined with enterprising gaijin who're promising access to plenty of girls who want to 'meet' tourists, and the love hotels become all the more conspicuous. Not that any of this is a bad thing, of course - it's all character. Kabukichō seems to work around one central rule: if you don't care for something it has on offer, then that something will leave you alone - there will be something else here for you, guaranteed.

Kabukichō isn't about ramming things down your throat.

If you'll pardon the expression.


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