Friday, 7 January 2011

Asahi Beer

There's a lot of seriously fantastic beers to come out of Japan, and far too many to list here in any purposeful fashion. We have chosen to award Asahi its own entry though, as it's the beer that seems to be most successfully representing Japanese lager worldwide. Particularly in the UK, over the last few years this silver-labelled and appropriately named Super Dry Lager has gone from being the import-speciality of a few independent retailers to a supermarket staple.
If you're especially lucky, there are other varieties of Asahi to be found, too - Asahi Black, for instance, is a particularly fine example of a German-style black lager.

Japanese lagers can be among the most thirst-quenching on the market, and perfect for a hot, humid summer's day - the type you get in Tokyo. Asahi's a pretty cheap way of getting the taste of Tokyo wherever you live.



Yebisu gets my vote for best beer in Japan. However, I am very fond of aki-aji (Autumn taste) beers.

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