Friday, 7 January 2011

Yakitori Alley

Yakitori alley is in the Ginza area of Tokyo, located underneath a big, dripping, blackened railway bridge. You know you found it when you become surrounded by glowing lanterns, rickety stools and catcalls of irishaimase! (welcome).

I must confess it feels rather strange to blog about yakitori alley, as although I did lots of research on it, searched for a while and did eventually find it - I was there much too early, so none of the restaurants were serving food.

 photo from: Nihon Sun

However, I can tell you this - it smelled amazing and looked amazing. Lots of different restaurants spill out into the street and become one - and the smell of cooking chicken and spices floats in the air.

 It's a place I'll definitely be searching for again - this time after 5pm (the time that most restaurants down Yakitori alley open).


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