Thursday, 6 January 2011


If you're not familiar with Pocky already, I recommend you take a trip to your local Asian store (unless you're in Asia, in which case just your regular store!) and try some out. They're essentially straightened-out pretzels, dipped in chocolate with one end kept coating-free to prevent sticky fingers. Efficient! Made by Glico, they're also sold as Mikado in other countries such as the UK.

There are a great many flavours, with more being added seemingly with every season. There are also a good number of similar treats from other brands such as Meiji Lucky Stick, Pretz and Toppo, but Pocky really rule the roost in this area. It's become almost a generic term, such as Hoover or Corn Flakes.

The obvious flavours such as chocolate, milk, coffee etc are complimented by the slightly more left-field additions of, for example, pumpkin, cream cheese, pizza, soy bean, and many, many more.

Glico have also bolstered their Pocky stable with such wonderful inventions as Dessert Pocky (thicker Pocky in which the stick is hollowed and filled as well as coated) and Giant Pocky (go on, guess what makes Giant Pocky different...).


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